Leah Marino, one of Karen's closest and dearest friends, wrote lovingly of Karen on the Austin Film Society website:

Karen Schmeer will always be my soul’s best friend. She was also one of the most talented documentary editors of her time.  If you love documentaries, you’ve seen her work including the first film she edited called Fast, Cheap and Out of Control, by Errol  Morris. She spent a lot of time with friends here in Austin where the city and people held a place in her heart. Many of you crossed paths with her, I’m sure. That makes me happy to think about. You can learn more about her life and death here.

I’m writing to tell you that The Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship has been launched in her name to recognize, honor and assist editors—offering an assortment of opportunities to the perhaps “under-served’ but not undeserving editor.


How do you remember someone and keep him or her close forever? I’m still trying to figure it out, but I think it’s through continuing to spread the love and the spark that is their life.

Sincerest gratitude to the supportive community I have found here and that has helped me through the most difficult… and great times.


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